Pet hotels so luxurious, you'll want to stay there yourself

Sorry though, animals only.

By Amber Manto
As the world (finally) becomes more accepting of pets thanks to us owners treating them more like human children than animals, no longer do we think it's okay to shove them in cage at the vets for a couple weeks while we go on holiday.
Certainly not. Now, pets are treated to their own holiday which includes everything from luxury rooms complete with beds and TVs, salon days which include "pawdicures" and hair styling, playtime in a jungle gym and fine-dining meal options. It's almost to the point where you cat/dog's vacay is bound to be a lot fancier than your own.
And no-one knows how to treat your pets better than these fancy establishments around the globe...

1. VAC CAT Hotel & Spa, China

The recently opened VAC CAT hotel & Spa in Beijing features 15 state-of-the-art suites each with catwalks for strutting, platforms for perching and plenty of hidey-holes for well, hiding. Not to mention air-conditioning and CCTV. Each room can house one cat although it features a door which can be opened to create an interconnected suite for multi-cat families.
^ Plush.
There's also a separate playroom for kitties to burn off a little extra energy, and grooming services for cats who enjoy a little pampering.
"Most cats will stay with us from 7 to 10 days. Knowing their cats will enjoy luxury rooms and services makes people feel less guilty about leaving them behind," owner Vivi Wang tells China Post

2. D Pet Hotel, USA

With five locations in Texas, Arizona, Los Angeles, New York and its flagship hotel in Hollywood, California - it's safe to say The D Pet hotel chain, solely dedicated to dogs, knows what its clientele wants. All suites contain a flat-screen TV to keep pup company and range in size from the standard kennel, all the way up to a human-scale bedroom complete with full-size bed.
^ When Mum and Dad's away, this New York pupper... has the bed to themselves for around $265 a night.
Amenities and activities include:
~ A chauffeur where pets are driven to or from their accommodation in either a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche or Rolls Royce
~ A salon where pups can choose between a variety of hairstyles, from the "Rich Bitch" topknot to the "Bad Ass"
~ A gym including "pooch treadmills" for days when it's just too wet to go to the park
~ A personal chef who cooks custom meals, to suit every taste.
~ Room service twice a day
~ Playtime in the park
There's also a daycare service for dogs who don't like to be at home alone during the day.

3. Catzonia, Malaysia

Located in the bustling heart of Kuala Lumpur, this five-star feline retreat offers 35 rooms ranging in size from 9-35 square feet.
The largest is the VVIC (Very Very Important Cat) suit which can fit up to 10 adult cats from the same family. It comes with three "king-sized" cat beds, a mini-playground and a separate toilet. It's also temperature controlled, is serviced three times a day for meals and has round-the-clock CCTV, so anxious pet parents can log in via their phone and watch their cats are up to when they're away.
Grooming services include your basic wash and blow-dry, all the way up to a Lion cut. There's also jungle gym where guests can stretch their legs and scratch their claws three times a day.

4. The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa, USA

Catering to dogs, cats and even exotic birds this chain has hotels in Ohio, LA and India.
At each location the suites have been custom designed and built to a theme, so in LA so your pup can holiday like a celebrity on Rodeo Drive, perhaps in the "Chewnel" or "Jimmy Chew" suites.
Or maybe "Hollywoof Boulevard" is more their style.
Guests are treated to all the luxury of a five-star hotel including a chauffeur and salon services including facials, massages and body treatments.
Other amenities include three "potty walks" a day, a maid and linen service and soothing music and TV.

Divine creatures, Australia

This boutique cattery caters to Sydney's most discerning felines: themed rooms, a jungle gym and even a salon are just some of the perks of being a guest. Going to Paris? So can your cat. New York? Yep, they can go there too.
Each of the spacious room, which feature a main area and ensuite, are climate-controlled to a cosy 23 degrees, feature video surveillance and have a custom-designed ventilation system that ensure guests cannot smell each other.
There's also a jungle gym which, dependant on what level of accommodation your cat is booked in to, they can access up to twice a day but only on their own, never with other guests where cat fights could break out.
^ Lots of climbing and exploring to be had in here.

Bong Bong Vet, Bowral

Surprising, this local veterinarian nestled in NSW Southern Highlands has a secret - luxury rooms just for cats. They're attended to by vet staff and feature spacious, climate-controlled condos and suites - themed, of course.
Other luxurious hotel amenities include soothing music, hypoallergenic bedding, room service and an entertaining guest activities program which includes 30 minute sessions in the jungle playroom, as well as cuddle and story time.
^ Yes, that's a fireplace. No Parisian suite would be right without it.
You can also stay in touch with you kitty via the net, as all rooms are fitted with cameras so you can check in on your fur baby at any time.
Now that's what you call living the high life.