Incredibly rare kitten born with two faces is beating all the odds

And stealing our hearts!

By Bettina Tyrrell
Meet Bettie Bee, the gorgeous kitten born with two faces (read: twice the cuteness!). Bettie Bee was born on December 12 to a normal domestic cat in Eastern Cape, South Africa. She was one of three kittens born in the litter and while her siblings were born without an abnormalities, Bettie Bee has two noses, two mouths and three eyes.
The phenomenon of cats being born with two faces is called 'Janus cat' and sadly, many struggle with feeding and other health issues and don't live long after birth. But not little Bettie Bee, she appears to be doing very well.
Soon after her birth, Bettie Bee's owner took her to local cat rescuer who is known for looking after high-risk kittens and special needs cats.
The rescuer, who wishes to remain anonymous wrote an email to Newsweek explaining that she has been tube-feeding the kitten.
"She can feed either mouth, both are functional, both lead to the stomach," she wrote.
Despite her unusual appearance, Bettie Bee is winning hearts all over the world with people rooting for her survival. Her progress is being tracked on a Facebook page dedicated to her.
"She is thriving, growing like a normal kitten," the rescuer wrote to Newsweek. "She has been to the vet when she was one day old. We decided it's best to take her back for scans etc when she is a bit bigger."
We hope Bettie Bee lives a healthy life to a ripe old age!