How Kendall Jenner trains a dog is worth watching

bau, bau (that's woof, woof to us)!

By Grazia UK
It's a warm sunny day in Malibu, the waves are crashing on the nearby shore, and Kendall Jenner is training a dog in Italian.
By her side is a French Bulldog lapping up the attention.
Alongside ballet dancer Roberto Bolle, Kendall is the face of Tod's spring 2018 collection.
The pair aren't in California for the sun, but to shoot the luxury Italian label's latest campaign. Between takes of Roberto and Kendall frolicking on the sand, leaping over stones and playing cards by the pool - all while wearing Tod's iconic leather slip-ons - she stole a moment to play with the puppy.
'Smiling, as they spend a relaxing day in the sunshine, Kendall and Roberto experience the Italian way of life', reads the press release.
And, they aren't alone for the 22-year-old model found time to teach her four-legged friend a little Italian.

While wearing white jeans ripe for a boat ride in Positano, Kendall taught her pup how to 'seduto' (sit), 'vieni' (come), 'baccio' (kiss) and 'fermo' (stay).
Like all well-versed dog trainers, she wasn't above bribery.
Though one moccasin got caught in the cross-fire of classes, it was the prized procession of a new Wave Backpack that finally got this french bulldog to behave.
Watch the video at the top of the post to see the dog being trained.
This story was originally published on Grazia UK.