The RSPCA need your help to locate the person who did this to Chyna

Someone must know what happened to this beautiful girl.

By Holly Royce
WARNING: This post contains distressing content and graphic imagery which may upset readers
Chyna was brought into Wacol RSPCA in Queensland last week in an awful, unforgivable state.
A concerned person dropped the white bulldog at the animal rescue centre after she had been handed between multiple members of the public.
The first thing the team did was locate Chyna's microchip, which listed an out of date address in Mermaid Beach - it then quickly became apparent the dog was in a dire state.
Chyna had a large infected and inoperable tumour on her stomach; her organs were failing due to renal issues, liver issues and dry eye and, the beautiful soul was unable to lie on her side before some form of pain relief.
Image from the RSPCA
A decision was made.
The bulldog could not be left to suffer in such an awful condition, and the team recognised the best thing to do was send her over the "Rainbow Bridge" where she would no longer be in pain.
A post on the RSPCA's Facebook shared the full grisly story and expressed the organisation's sadness over the little dog's fate.
"We wish we could have reached out to you much, much earlier Chyna," the post said. "We are sorry. Run free little girl."
Image from the RSPCA
The RSPCA is now searching for the person who last had 'ownership' of Chyna and they're calling for our help.
If you recognise Chyna or know something about where she came from, RSPCA inspectors want to hear from you. Please contact us on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or email
We hope you're finally at peace little girl.