Things every cat wants their owner to know

Feline to pet parent: We need to talk.

By Amber Manto
Cats rule the internet, and right now is no exception. Doing the rounds is a series of memes titled “first world cat problems” which depicts cats as slightly depressed and spoilt creatures( in other words, accurately). This only got us to thinking about what our own felines would say if they could speak human. After all, they regularly do very random things for seemingly no reason, more random than how us cat owners treat them. So if cats could talk, here's what we reckon they'd have to say if they could speak human.
^ I have many feelings....
1. “I hate it when have to throw up… but there’s no carpet nearby.”
2. “Really want to make the most of my lives, but it’s so hard when I spend 20 hours a day sleeping.”
3. “Licking water straight off the shower floor is my favourite, but only until I get wet.”
^ Please don't leave. I thought we were having fun in here together.
4. “My favourite game is the one where you open the door and let me out, close it, then I summon you to open it again. I bet it's yours too.”
5. “This is going straight under the lounge..."
6. You think I'm hanging out in the bathtub to be cute but really, I just need to be alone."
7. “Many hours of my day is consumed by wondering what happened to all those boxes you took away from me over the years. Well, the three hours I'm awake anyway."
^ Why is life so hard?
8. I'm so thirsty, but I have nothing to drink because I knocked all the water out of bowl on purpose again."
9. "Yes, I do see things when I dart out of the room unexpectedly. Things that cannot be unseen."
10. "The prosciutto you gave me last night wasn't sliced nearly as thin as the stuff you're eating now."
11. "Really want run around the house like I got into the catnip again but then I remember it's not the middle of the night."
12. "You think I meow really loudly for no reason but really, I do it to annoy you."