Blind dog has his own seeing eye dog

They say dogs are man's best friend but this Labrador and golden retriever seem to have found soul mates in each other.
When Tanner, a golden retriever, arrived at Woodland West Animal Hospital in the US, vets feared there was not much they could do for him. Due to cataracts, he is blind in both eyes and suffers from a slight seizure disorder which cause him to lose control of his body.
Vets suggested putting him down, but surprisingly Tanner's condition changed when he met Blair, a street dog who was admitted to the center after he was shot.
The pair have since struck up a friendship with Blair acting as Tanner's seeing eye dog, leading him around the yard by a leash. Surprisingly, since meeting Blair, Tanner no longer suffers from seizures.
Blair has also benefitted from the friendship as well, now being more confident and social after suffering from post-traumatic stress following being shot.
Watch the video of the pair together in the video player above.

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