Urgent recall of popular pet food brand amid fears it’s making cats critically ill

Some owners even blame the food for their cat's death.

By Amber Manto
In what can only be described as the most shocking news for cat lovers this year, Best Feline Friend - a line of gourmet cat food distributed exclusively through chain store Petbarn - has been urgently recalled.
The panic comes after complaints flooded social media with pet parents claiming the food was making their felines gravely unwell; symptoms including vomiting, severe dehydration and lethargy.
Some even connected the dots and blamed the pet food on the recent death of their cat.
The Best Feline Friend (BFF) range is made in Thailand for the Australian market by American manufacturer Weruva and while tests are currently underway on what might be wrong with the product, results are not expected for another week.
The Australian line of the brand is the only one manufactured in its Thailand facility, and as such other countries are not affected.
"We have recently been made aware of select Best Feline Friend (BFF) canned foods, exclusive to the Australian market, which may have been produced outside of intended formulation guidelines,” Weruva company president David Forman wrote in a statement on the company’s website. “Out of an abundance of caution and in partnership with our exclusive retailer of these goods, Petbarn has removed BFF canned items from shelves in Australia until our analysis is complete”.
Petbarn is urging pet parents who have purchased this brand of pet food to not feed it to their cats under any circumstance and instead return it for a full refund.
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