Did your pet's name make the list? Australia's top pet names revealed

Buddy, Smokey and Molly all made the cut - but what was number one?

By Holly Royce
Trying to come up with a name for your is a huge responsibility.
Do you name your pets for the personality they have or the one you'd like them to have?
Is Rascal a rascal because of his name or did you call him Rascal because he was a little devil?
It's complicated, but we always decide. Funnily enough, one new survey has found most of us actually come to the same decision.
A new survey from found Bella to be the most popular pet name for both dogs and cats.
The survey also found that Queensland was the most pet-friendly renting state and dogs are by far (68%) the most popular pet for Australian renters.
Impressive when you consider the amount of extra attention they require.
The data was gathered through a series of Pet Resumes, a new concept from aiming to bridge the gap between the demand for pet-friendly rentals the limited supply of available properties. CEO Greg Bader said: "A Pet Resume can build a real case for responsible pet ownership. It shows a tenant's honest and open approach to taking responsibility for their pets."
"We have countless examples where it has made a difference to one of our customers securing their new home."

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