The newborn diagram every new parent needs

This one is spot-on!

It’s a whole new world when you first become a parent.

No matter how many books you’ve read throughout pregnancy, when you’re first handed your newborn the sense of responsibility for looking after this brand new human can be pretty overwhelming.

Long have parents joked that they wished their babies came with a manual to help figure out what exactly they should do with their squishy, pink (and often crying!) newborn baby.

But one tongue-in-cheek diagram, courtesy of SomeEcards, helps new mums and dads to navigate the mysteries of their babies in the first days and weeks of new parenthood.

It’s not entirely scientific (OK, not at all) but it makes for a great laugh at a very stressful time anyway.

Our favourite three ‘diagram’ features:

1. Chest:

“Rising and falling just like last time you checked.”

Because every parent freaks out that their baby has spontaneously stopped breathing. Who hasn’t put their cheek in front of their baby’s nose to feel if there’s breath coming out?! #paranoid

2. Fingernails:

“Razor-sharp claws used to dig into neck and chest of loving parent to test their loyalty.”

Those things are like talons. How did they get so long anyway?!

3. Butt:

“Capable of projectile pooping with force of volcanic eruption.”

Yep, get ready for a poo-nami. Those things are so NOT fun to clean-up! Skip the wipes and go straight to the shower for a hose-down.

Take a look at the full diagram below. You’re sure to nod your head the whole way through.

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