The loving note that’s restoring our faith in marriage

And not just ours but people all over the internet, it seems.

It’s just 10 simple words and a smiley face (hand-drawn?!), but in a time when it seems like every rock-solid marriage is falling apart – we’re currently reeling from the Brangelina shock – this kinda-cheesey note makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

If it had been a different time, maybe the response would have been all cynical and sneery – but a couple days ago this note below was shared on the Facebook page of blogger Story of this Life, and everyone is sharing in the love.

“I woke up to find this note and it made me smile because some days that’s all I feel like I do and it’s crAzy frustrating. My husband’s always reminding me that if I don’t get to the dishes stacked 2 feet high or to the 7265282 loads of laundry or get to finish the project I’m trying to work on, I’m still spending time with my girls (and trying to keep them alive ) and that’s infinitely more important than any other To-Do on my list. #keepingatoddleraliveisnoteasy.”

The note was from Thad Anderson to his blogger wife and mum-of-two, Esther. And the almost 600 comments so far have been filled with love. Some of the responders are even posting up their own mushy notes from partners (who knew there were so many hubbies out there still using a notepad and pen?).

This mum posted a note from her six-year-old son.

Many comments referred nicely to their own partners and some even felt compelled to send messages of love to their baby daddies from this page.

It seems this simple little personal post left for a wife from her husband has made all mums out there feel a little appreciated and loved up. So thanks, Thad…

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