Queensland mother abused for expressing milk in car park

She was told by a woman to “put her tits away.”

A Queensland mother was abused in a Bunnings car park for expressing breast milk.

Telaine Smith told the Fraser Coast Chronicle that she was told by a woman to “put her tits away.”

However, it was her six-year-old son Dallas who stood up for her.

“He told her ‘if you don’t like it, you don’t need to look,'” Mrs Smith said. “I’m very proud of my six-year-old.”

Mrs Smith was in her car with tinted window expressing milk for her five-month-old son, Pilot, when a man and woman walked past.

The man continued walking however the woman stopped, before telling her to “put her f***ing tits away”.

“I was a bit shocked,” she said.

Mrs Smith’s son Pilot was tongue-tied when he was born, which affects his ability to breastfeed.

Because of that, Mrs Smith needs to express milk every two to three hours to keep up her supply and keep her son nourished.

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