Gifts and gadgets for new dads

From the must-haves to the hilarious, we've tracked down the all-time most awesome gifts and do-dads for new dads

New dads don’t get showered with pressies like new mums and bubs, so treat them this Christmas with these gifts and gadgets – some will help him engage & bond with baby, while others are for those times when he wants to switch off and daydream about life before he was so tired and broke…


Well actually, big daddy is! The Withings Smart Baby Monitor works with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to let you watch (zoom, night vision) bubs, listen in, play baby lullabies, talk soothingly from across the house or even while you’re out, activate a nightlight and get text alerts for motion, sound and temperature changes!

DO DADDY STUFF for the man who has much to learn and wants the info broken down like an aeroplane emergency card. The Baby Owner’s Games & Activities suit newbie until 36 months – “Make your baby smarter, stronger, faster!” it promises – while [Show Dad How] is a practical and playful resource with 156 things every new dad needs to know.


Not many men around are happy to carry a nappy bag, no matter how manly it looks, but they might wear one? The Dadgear Cargo Vest holds everything – six nappies in the inside front pockets, wipes in the top pocket, change pad pulls out from back, drink pocket on the side and there’s room for a phone or music player.

MY GEEK FAMILY The sci-fi obsessed dad can now tell the world loud and proud about his new arrival with a set of car decals that lets him indulge his love of the Star Wars universe. Here’s hoping he’s more like Luke Skywalker than Chewbacca… See the full range of decals.


For the daddy who claims his weight gain over the past nine months was a ‘sympathy pregnancy’, these are a gentle and tasty reminder that it’s all just more to love.


Matthew Nifield was 33 and father of one-year-old twins when he noticed that some relaxing sounds would soon send them off to sleep. His White Noise Ambience app features the gentle sounds of waves crashing, rain falling and even a cat purring to help bubs settle.


Sleep deprivation can take you to places you’ve never been – bleary-eyed worlds full of irrational thoughts and black humour… Enter, the much-loved and hilarious Go the F**k to Sleep book. It’s written like a soothing bedtime story but with a few well-placed EFFs.


For the car-loving dad who has always dreamed of driving a Ferarri…well, now he can! He’ll be taking the kid out for a spin and leaving you to rest up faster than you can say ‘Giddy up, horsey!’ Check out this and other Ferrari-branded merch


If you find you’re not the only one with a case of baby brain, then you may find these temporary to-do tattoos come in handy (get it?). This pack from Fred & Friends is available from Perpetual Kid or Amazon.


Let dad have the ultimate bonding experience with his very own baby carrier to make him look like ‘the ultimate dad’ as he strolls around the park or cafes. Hands-free is always helpful and we love this Manduca Classic Carrier – it’s made out of organic cotton and hemp and yet still looks totally manly!


For the sake of sanity, both parents should feel they are getting a little time to themselves each week, even if it is just an hour. These Harambe On-Ear Rasta Headphones by House of Marley at Pacific Sunwear should do the trick!


Get your geeky guy more interactive with junior if he’s not sure what to do around a newborn or how to baby talk without getting bored. This book lets him explore the world of a child in a whole new way – through (harmless) play ‘projects’ that show things like how a baby’s sense of humour develops with age etc.


Mr Potato Head got caught up in the Dr Who 50th anniversary celebrations and turned himself into a Dalek. Use the detachable pieces to build Mr Potato Head into his tank-like Dalek protective shell, and he’ll be an unstoppable Extermi-‘tater’.


When he’s not in the mood to rock out to the world’s loudest baby, then it’s time for the Chill, Baby Volume Pacifier – perfect for when bubs decides to turn it up to 11. It’s baby-grade silicone and meets all safety standards. Plug it in and enjoy the serenity.

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