Dad Tries To Dress Son In Onesie And Fails

...there are a lot of buttons and studs to manage!

Dressing little babies can hard, especially when you’re new to the baby-dressing game. And we’ve all been there at one point (even if we could do it with our eyes closed now). Because trying to dress a grizzling or wriggling baby into a tiny onesie covered in many studs, buttons and ties can be somewhat boggling to begin with.

Of course there’s no instructions on those tiny baby outfits. Which way’s up, which way’s down? Is this back-to-front? Plus positioning tiny arms and little legs into the right holes and aligning all those buttons is no mean feat!

One dad has certainly proved this to be true after he had a complete baby-dressing fail.

His wife, Gemma Louise Davies, thought his fail was pretty funny though and shared his #DadFail moment to The Unmumsy Mum Facebook page.

Gemma captioned the photo with this hilarious explanation:

“My husband got our ten week old baby dressed for bed – I came downstairs to find him dressed like this! My husband said he thought Lenny’s babygrow was a great design as it had in his words ‘added scratch mitts’ along with ‘easy access for nappy changing’. Sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing! He was so oblivious to the fact that the baby grow was infact upside down and so serious with his reply. I am so pleased I managed to get this photograph…”

In a world where Facebook posts and Instagram photos quickly boast perfect family moments, it’s refreshing to see some imperfect parenting moments too.

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