The second ever Bachie baby has popped! And her name is a not-so-subtle nod to the reality show

Bec Chin and fiancé Dean Vee have welcomed an adorable baby girl.
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Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski may have given birth to the first ever Bachelor Australia baby, but another contestant from his season wasn’t far behind.

Bec Chin and fiancé Dean Vee welcomed Savannah Rose Vicelich into the world on the 28th of December, making her a 2017 bub by the skin of her teeth.

An absolutely gorgeous name and we can’t help but think the middle name is somewhat of a nod to her mum’s time on the reality show.

Bec caused somewhat of a stir on Sam’s season of the Bachelor after it was revealed they’d had a dalliance before the show started, but the Sydney dietitian ultimately found love in Dean in 2015.

The couple posted a heart-warming pic with Bec looking very pregnant next to a Christmas tree just days before she popped.

Bec and Dean haven’t been shy about sharing their pregnancy journey online, involving us in an absolutely adorable gender reveal.

Opening up exclusively to Mother & Baby, Bec said during the very raw-and-real moment, it was as if time had stopped.

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“It was just me and Dean in the room, then suddenly everything fast forwarded and it all seems like such a blur now,” she explained.

“We were convinced it was a boy after the scan we had so it was a big surprise!”

Bec also revealed the difficulties she had during her pregnancy.

“There are so many unpleasantries that people don’t talk about,” she says. “Sure, you hear about the common morning sickness and lethargy but the bloating/discomfort (I’ll spare you the details!) I’ve endured has been next level.”

“I also wasn’t prepared for the mental challenge of it all in addition to the physical challenge.”

We can’t wait to see even more adorable pics from the fam!

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