10 back to school supplies that every kid needs in 2019

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As we come to the later part of school holidays, it’s time for us parental-type folk to get ready for the new school year.

Whether we have newbies beginning, or older kids returning, one thing we’ll all need to do is work out exactly what our little ones will need for the best start to term one.

And there’s no greater flashback to your own school days than the glorious reminders that new school supplies bring back. How good was new stationery day?

Ahhh, the sweet smell of a new eraser.

Lunchboxes, school bags, name tags, and stationery – it’s such a rite of passage to start the new year with all of the things you need for a great start to learning.

We’ve scoured around and found some new exciting products and some old classics that you might want to look at for your kids in 2019.

10 back to school supplies that every kid needs in 2019

Who needs soggy sandwiches every day? Transporting hot and cool food to school has never been easier, and we’re loving the foam insulated 355ml Stack N Lock™ food jars from Thermos™ . Image: Thermos™ .

Love it or loathe it, there are going to be books that need to be covered. We’re loving this Glitter Self Adhesive Book Cover roll Image: Officeworks.

Durable drink bottles are worth their weight in gold! These kid-proof 355ml Vacuum Insulated Drink Bottles from Thermos will stand the test of time as well as keeping drinks at just the right temperature. Image: Thermos™ .

Back packs have never been so rad! Stand out from the crowd with Smiggle’s Faves Backpack, Junior Bounce Backpack and Junior Fluffy Hop Backpack. Image: Smiggle.

Families can save by going through last year’s supplies and seeing what actually needs replacing, of course … but boy-oh-boy how good is that brand-new-stationery feeling? Some great basics are: Faber-Castell Connector Pens 10 Pack, Keji Highlighters Chisel Assorted 4 Pack, Keji Coloured Pencils 12 Pack, Staedtler 351 Whiteboard Markers Bullet Tip Assorted 4 Pack. Image: Officeworks.

Hands up who remembers cutting out the letters to make your name? These guys are still around and cute as ever Studymate Name Pencil Case Small Light Pink, or for a more modern twist, this guy is pretty cute too Studymate PVC Pencil Case Safari. Image: Officeworks.

Want to send little something that needs to stay cool or hot? These little guys will help you out. 290ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Jars from Thermos™ are just the right size for school lunch snacks. Image: Thermos.

Zip up folders are a great way to keep all of those important papers safe in school bags. We love the ColourHide A4 My Zipper Binder. Image: Officeworks.

Personalised bento-style lunchboxes from Stuck on You mean not only is your little one sure to get a great lunch, they’re also sure to bring their lunch box home. Winning! Image: Stuck on You.

Label ALL OF THE THINGS! These super-sweet bag tags will be easy to spot in the crowd, Studymate Llama. Image: Officeworks.

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