No sew make-overs: How to spruce up an ottoman

An ottoman is one of the most versatile furniture pieces in the home, acting as a footrest, coffee table or seat. So if yours has seen better days, perk it up with this vibrantly zingy new coat, edged with pompom braid for extra pizzazz.
Fabric – measure across and down in both directions of your ottoman then add 5cm to total width and length
Staple gun and staples
Coordinating pompom braid (optional)
Tacky craft glue (optional)
Note: Fabric and braid quantities depend on the size of your ottoman.
How to make it:
  1. Spread your fabric, right-side down, on a hard, flat surface. Position the top of the ottoman upside down onto the centre of the fabric, leaving enough overlap to reach up and over the base edges.
  2. Smoothing the fabric flat as you go, pull the fabric up and over the base, and secure the centre of each panel in place using a staple gun. The corners will have some excess fabric, so pull tight, folding each corner to create inverted pleats, then staple in place.
  3. Once all sides are nice and flat, staple the intervals between the corners and the centres.
  4. If desired, run a length of pompom braid around the top edge, using tacky craft glue.

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