The best Boxing Day sales in Australia for 2018

Get in Boxing Day snoozers, we're going shopping.

By Jess Pullar
There are two types of people in this world - those who spend Boxing Day in various states of horizontal as they recover from an indulgent Christmas, and those who spend Boxing Day aggressively shopping the sales like there is no tomorrow.
Suffice to say we fall into the latter of the two categories.
And as another Christmas fast rolls around, the prospect of gifts, food and festive indulgence is everywhere - but it's the highly anticipated sales on the 26th that we're really girding our wallets for.
While it's easy for some to think Boxing Day is another opportunity to burn a hole in said wallets, it's actually become quite a thrifty way to approach Christmas.
Some families opt to hold off on the gift giving until after Christmas Day in order to purchase their gifts for a fraction of the price the day after, while others opt out of present-giving altogether.
We're not kidding - according to stats from ME Bank, almost half of Australia (44%) said they want to cut back their spend on Christmas gifts this year.
With this is mind, there's really no reason to hold back when it comes to Boxing Day shopping - and we're here to help.
Keep scrolling as we outline the best sales to hit up on the 26th. Happy shopping!
Make like Pretty Woman and don't hold back this Boxing Day! (Image: Touchstone Pictures)

The best fashion sales

Whether you're a self professed fashionista or not, you can't deny that Boxing Day is a smart time to nab those pricier wardrobe staples.
Better yet, with a number of online clothing stores offering post-Christmas deals, there are plenty of options that don't even require you to leave the comfort of your couch - hangover shopping for the win!
And when it's that easy, you are totally justified to go a bit wild, just blame us if your partner isn't quite as overjoyed by the array of shiny new clothes in your wardrobe...
Here are our top fashion picks for Boxing Day:
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The best beauty sales

Let's be honest, after the last few weeks of Christmas parties and frivolous indulgence, a fresh face of makeup has never been so important.
Seriously, we've never run through our foundation so fast - but it's hard to hold back when you want to make yourself look presentable despite feeling slightly worse for wear.
And as if on cue, the beauty heavens are raining bargain after bargain upon us. Needless to say, you'll find us furiously hitting 'add to cart' come the 26th.
Here are the best beauty sales for Boxing Day:
Nicole knows how to put her best face forward. (Image: Instagram)

The best technology sales

This sub-section of the retail world is where the real gems lie - and investment is the name of the game when it comes to technology.
Boxing Day sales pose the perfect opportunity to grab that expensive pair of headphones, or the television you know you'll spend countless happy evenings in front of - Netflix and chilling of course.
But a quick warning: If there's one thing we've learned in our many years spent perusing (or shoving) our way through the Boxing Day throngs it's that getting in quick is key.
Here are our top tech sale picks for Boxing Day:
  • HP: 56% off a range of HP devices
  • eBay: Discounts on selected devices including $87 off a set of selected Bose headphones
  • CyberLink: Up to 40% off online
  • Microsoft: Up to $188 off Surface laptop essentials
  • Nura: 20% off headphones
  • Appliances Online: Up to 25% off washing machines and dryers
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