List aimed at husbands wondering what to buy their wives for Christmas goes viral

“Here’s some stuff she wants but won’t get, or plan, for herself. You’re welcome.”

A Facebook post cheekily aimed at helping husbands buy Christmas gifts for their wives is going viral.
The 18-point list which includes ideas such as, “An empty house for 24 – 72 hours. NO LESS, but longer would be cool,” and “A cleaning company to come and do even just ONE deep clean of the house,” has been shared over 16,000 times.
The post, which was originally shared but not written by Oregon wife and mother Tarah Helmes, starts off by saying, “My husband declares he has no idea what to get me for Christmas because I ‘haven’t given him a list.’”
“So I’m about to do every fella a favour… Here’s some stuff she wants but won’t get, or plan, for herself. You’re welcome.”
Much of the list contains ideas aimed to help out time-poor mums, with booked appointments and planned outings featured heavily.
“Dish duty (laundry duty/kids bath duty/grocery duty/meal planning duty/ that thing she HATES TO DO duty) for one. whole. month. And don’t just make a cute coupon, hide it in a drawer, and then weasel out of the work. Stick to it!”
Of sharing the post, Tarah explained to The Weekly, “I felt like a lot of people could use the information, not just women.”
“I know plenty of men who are stay at home dads, and I’m sure they feel the same way. But it’s still amazing how much it has resonated!”
And if you know your loved one is more in material possessions that time saved? The helpful list also has you covered.
“Hack her Pinterest. There’s your list.”
Too easy!

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