The life hack that means you never have to do the ironing again

Say goodbye to the ironing board!

By Now to Love Staff
We'd go so far as to say we'd rather go with another outfit than get out the ironing board most days. But sometimes ironing is completely unavoidable, especially if you have an important meeting or special occasion to attend.
That is, until now.
Lifehacker shared an ingenius tip on how to get your clothes to unwrinkle themselves, and all you need is a clothes dryer and ice cubes: Toss a couple of ice cubes into the dryer with your wrinkled clothes and run the dryer on its hottest setting - this effectively steams the wrinkles out.
The trick works best with just a couple of items of clothing - two shirts or a top and skirt for example. Too many items, or throwing in heavy fabrics, and the wrinkles won't come out.
Happy ironing-free days!