The Block's biggest losers

Television audiences were finally able to see what happened when The Block: Glasshouse went under the hammer and the results were devastating.

Television audiences were finally able to see what happened when The Block: Glasshouse went under the hammer and the results were devastating.
For 11 weeks five couples have stripped and flipped an old, depilated Melbourne building into six luxurious living spaces and while the renovation results were amazing the auctions left audiences gobsmacked – and not in a good way.
For all of their blood, sweat and televised tears two of the couples walked away with just $10,000 – or $140 bucks a day per couple.
Even though all of the teams entered the construction competition vying for the $100,000 prize money knowing that they could end up with nothing, most were still shocked that Blockheads Dee and Darren and Michael and Carlene left almost empty handed, non-more so than the contestants themselves.
"We're devastated," Dee told radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O this morning.
"It was a completely unexpected result for all of us."
Dee and her husband Darren had a reserve price of $1,370,000 and they only managed to nab an extra 10K above that – a result that Dee said puts them "in the red".
"Michael and Carlene and Daz and I all have mortgages, it's an expensive exercise to take the risk and go on that show. It's really not a great scenario," said Dee.
"We're in the red from it."
Max and Karstan, who had the largest apartment on the block and who were pegged by many to take out the competition, only made a $40,000 profit above their $1,670,000 reserve.
But for some Blockheads going on the show was a gamble that paid off.
Given a reserve price of $1.5 million for their apartment, The Block's Chris and Jenna endured a nail-bitingly slow start to their auction but in the end managed to secure a $300,000 profit for the property.
"Our hearts were racing when it stopped at $1.5m" Jenna told the show’s producers after the sale.
"It lingered for so long and the fact that it went from $1.5m to $1.8m, we have no idea (how that happened)."
But Jenna admits she felt for the other couples who didn’t fare so well on the day.
"It's really hard, it's really bittersweet," Jenna said.
"Imagine you're doing really awesome and your best friends didn't, you can't explain it unless you've been in here and you've done it and you know the hard work that's been done."
And the winners of The Block…drumroll please… Shannon and Simon!
The good-looking brother's attracted a profit of $335,000 for their apartment which had a hefty reserve of $1.5m.
The boys also took out the $100,000 in prize money bringing their total take-home prize to $435,000.
"As soon as it went past $1.7m I sat back in the chair and said whatever is on top of this is cream" Simon told producers.
And while they were "on top of the world" post-auction, the boys said the result was bittersweet and they were shattered for their fellow contestants.
"I was speechless really, it's gut-wrenching to see all your mates, because we've become family, go bomb out and not get what they deserve but we also feel so incredibly blessed that we won" Simon said.
Despite their devastatingly poor result, getting just $10k above their $1.4m reserve, Michael said he and partner Carlene would do it all over again.
"It was definitely a worthwhile experience… even if we knew we were going to come out of it with $10k, we still would have done it" Michael told Channel 9.
"We've had a great time and we've met amazing people and we're so happy for the boys. They were great fun, so we're glad it was them that won it."

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