Inside the incredible homes where I'm A Celeb hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown stay during filming

Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown give TV WEEK a tour of the houses they call home while filming I’m A Celebrity.

By TV Week team
I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is filmed deep in the South African jungle, with the contestants forced to slum it every night in a camp, given only the bare necessities to get by.
But the show's hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown certainly live a very different sort of lifestyle to the show's stars during filming, staying in luxury accommodation.
Here they give TV WEEK a tour of the houses they call home for the first few weeks of January.
What are your favourite features of your house in South Africa?
Julia: My favourite room is always the bedroom – and not for the reasons you might think. I like to implement my personal Nap Club™ all over the world, and Africa feels like the Kruger chapter. This is an amazing house because it's so open and the light is dreamy. I figured, "Why be in these beautiful mountains if I can't see them?"
How do you wind down after the show and relax on your days off?
Julia: I want to say "face down", but I think we all know that's not the right expression. But the truth is this girl's her stock and trade, so I'll say face down. It's mostly in a collapsible scenario.
The house is an open living design with the light being dreamy making it a perfect place to relax for the hosts when not filming. (Source:TV Week)
How would you describe your wardrobe this season?
Julia: TDF [to die for]! I hope I'm not going to die for it, but I'd accept it.
What are your luxury items?
Julia: Always moisturiser – I brought an entire suitcase. At all times, it's smart for a lady of a certain age to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!
Julia Morris living her best life at her home away from home. (Source:TV Week)
What do you love to eat here?
Julia: A day on the plate is very much constructed of lots of protein. I try to fuel my body so it lasts to the end of our 14-hour day. I'd love to tell you it's just clean eating, but all of it is designed to get me closer to sweeties.
What are your plans for after the show?
Julia: To head straight back to my beloved motherland of Melbourne and stop, revive and survive. The weirdest thing about this job is that we get Christmas out of the road, and then all of a sudden, when most people are sitting back and relaxing, we're working the highest-octane schedule of our year. It takes some adjustment, which is why when the show is done, I just want to get home to my babies [Julia has two daughters, Ruby and Sophie].
Besides the bedrooms the kitchen is another favourite room. (Source:TV Week)
What are your favourite features of your house in South Africa?
Dr Chris: I think my favourite room will always be the kitchen, purely because of the history. And also the fact that last year someone left a window open and when I came back from a weekend away, the local baboons had had a three-day bender and taken out every single item of food. Most of it was annoyingly healthy by their standards, so they threw it around the entire house. I was picking up goji berries for a week.
Dr Chris Brown relaxing at the house. (Source:TV Week)
How do you spend your days off?
Dr Chris: Usually after the show, I go for a swim. That's a great way to wash away the day – and the smell of the things we've been making the celebs eat. On weekends, I like to go to the Kruger National Park to explore and roll the dice as to what sort of wildlife encounter you might have. It's a magical kind of place.
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We hear your family are coming over from Australia. What's on the agenda?
Dr Chris: They spend about 12 hours with me and two weeks exploring 12 other countries in Africa, so I think I'm sort of the required element. Actually, we do spend a couple of days together and go into Kruger. My dad's a vet too, so we do go out and do some work with rhinos. But then the family disappear to Botswana or Madagascar and a bunch of places I've never had a chance to go to. They send me photos and then go home!
Dr Chris Brown relaxing when not hosting, though is on call for the local vets in South Africa. (Source:TV Week)
Planning to do any veterinary work while you're in Africa?
Dr Chris: Yes − once I finish filming for the day, I'm sort of on call for the local vets here if they need a hand pulling a hippo out of a swimming pool. It's happened before.

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