How to open wine without a corkscrew

Never be left high and dry with your wine bottle again.

In the days before the Stelvin, or screw cap wine lid, you would hear the occasional cry of despair from someone who wanted nothing more than a glass of vino but was brought undone by a missing corkscrew.
Now, this handy video by YouTuber Jordan O'Brien means that you need never be parched again when your corkscrew has disappeared into the depths of the kitchen reports Daily Mail.
Jordan highlights three different techniques using household goods to solve the problem. Two of the techniques require somewhat of a tool box, but if all else fails the final technique uses nothing but a standard toothbrush.
The toothbrush uses brute force to shove the cork into the bottle which will create a little mess when you finally hit your home run, but don't cry over spilled wine because you can now access the rest of the nectar.
The next technique requires a screw, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers and it more or less "MacGuyvering" a make-shift corkscrew. It will still require a little elbow grease to pull the cork but you will deserve a drink when you've conquered the bottle.
The final technique is similar to the previous but instead of pliers gripping the screws, you're using a hammer claw to wriggle it out after you've screwed two screws into your cork.
These techniques are so surprisingly simple you'll be surprised you never thought of them before and you'll want to buy this kid a drink.

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