How to cook sweet potato

Learning how to cook sweet potato is not hard, and you'll never look back once you know!

By Danielle Colley
If you think sweet potatoes are just like potatoes but orange, you are very mistaken, my friend. Sweet potatoes are a whole different beast, which are so much better for you than the humble spud.
Although many people know that sweet potato is more nutritionally dense than a normal potato, they still don’t know how to cook sweet potato to make the most of it.
Sweet potato has a super low glycemic index which make them fantastic for anyone watching their weight or diabetics, and as far as carbohydrates go they are a brilliant dietary choice.
Whether you steam or mash, roast or stir-fry once you know how to cook sweet potato you will want to throw it in everything.
This bright orange root-vegetable is packed with Vitamin A, C and B and unique phytonutrients. They are ranked amongst the highest level of beta-carotene in any food, so combined with the manganese, potassium and fibre it’s a bit of a hero vegetable.
To get the best out of the nutrients in a sweet potato you should eat it with a little fat to help the body absorb the goodness… luckily, natural yoghurt and butter make the sweet flesh all the more delicious.
To cook sweet potato as a simple side dish you can slice it through the middle lengthways and roast in a 180C oven. Drizzle the sweet potato with olive oil and season generously before popping into the oven for about 45 minutes or until the flesh is tender.
Serve with a generous dollop of yoghurt or butter and fresh herbs if desired.
The sweet yet savoury flesh works equally well with chives, coriander or parsley, or whichever herb is your favorite.
Sweet potatoes are easily mashed in with other vegetables. A fantastic wintery combination include parsnip, cauliflower and sweet potato which is delicious served with your favorite slow cooked stews or as your mash for bangers and mash. Be sure to add lashings of butter and season well.
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