House Rules winners Aaron and Daniella Winter’s family home up for sale for DOUBLE original price

“We’re looking at a good little turnaround on that one.”

By Erin Doyle
Back in 2017, reality TV stars Aaron and Daniella Winter pulled off the ultimate achievement, winning season five of renovation show House Rules.
The couple had purchased their family home in 2016 for $720,000 before it was completely overhauled as part of the competition.
And now, Aaron and Daniella have listed the property in Queensland's Broadbeach Waters for sale, with agents expecting the home attract a buyer at around $1.325million – almost double the purchase price.
"I've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it. We're really, really happy with it," Aaron, who runs "house flipping" business HYPE Build + Design with wife Daniella told Now To Love.
Aaron revealed that while their home was transformed on the show, once filming wrapped, the couple made further changes.
Aaron and Daniella won House Rules in 2017. (Image: Supplied)
The couple has put the stunning Broadbeach Waters home on the market. (Image: Supplied)
Aaron admitted the couple "fine-tuned" the property after it was renovated on House Rules. (Image: Supplied)
"We did a lot of fine-tuning. We went around and fixed up all the little bits and pieces just to make things cosmetically perfect," he explained.
"Then what we've done is gone through and grabbed out certain rooms that weren't particularly what we were after – they didn't suit our family. We've made them into rooms that suit us really, really well."
Among the changes made were overhauling the master ensuite to create "more of a Palm Springs luxe feel" as well as swapping the home gym for a guest bedroom.
"Obviously we need somewhere for the babysitters to sleep," the father-of-two joked.
Other changes were more practical measures, including swapping real grass for fake grass inside the house due the "cleaning nightmare" it created with kids running around the house.
"I've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it" Aaron said. (Image: Supplied)
Aaron and Daniella bought the family home in 2016. (Image: Supplied)
"We went around and fixed up all the little bits and pieces just to make things cosmetically perfect," Aaron said of the changes they made after the show. (Image: Supplied)
The place is the perfect place for kids to run around. (Image: Supplied)
Another change included a genius hack involved the outdoor decking.
Queensland native Aaron revealed that he removed the dark colour used on the decking so that it would be more manageable to walk on in summer.
"The decking outside – that's all gone white," Aaron explained. "We bought the house because it's west-facing and we get all the beautiful afternoon sun but walking on a dark boiling decking in the middle of summer in bare feet is a touch warm."
Sharing his tips, Aaron added: "I learnt a technique a few years ago. We use candle wax to wax the decking then we paint it all white and then we put this clear coat with sunscreen in it. And you can't put too much sunscreen in it because it turns it more of a salmon-y colour. Then on a 40-degree day you can walk on it with bare feet."
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One change Aaron made was swapping the dark coloured decking for white, so that they could walk on it in bare feet in the hot Queensland summers. (Image: Supplied)
"We love to entertain and there's that beautiful outdoor area. We've got two boys running around and the house is perfect for the kids," Aaron said. (Image: Supplied)
And while the couple have already won $200,000 in prize money for their House Rules win, the Channel Seven show seems to be the gift that keeps on giving,
Aaron admits the profit from the sale is likely to be higher than it would have been had they done the renovation from scratch.
"It's probably a bit different from a normal flip because House Rules did most of the reno for us and especially for all the structural stuff. We're looking at a good little turnaround on that one."
The bathroom is just as gorgeous. (Image: Supplied)
Aaron and Daniella opted for Palm Springs luxe feel in their home. (Image: Supplied)