House Rules: How to inject a bit of bold opulence into your home

Glam up your home to a level that LLB would approve of.

By Alex Lilly
When it comes to interior design, sometimes you just have to get a bit fancy.
This was certainly the case for the House Rules contestants this week when one of Pete and Courtney's five rules was to inject some "bold opulence" into their home.
"We're a little bit extra," the dance teachers joked when briefing the teams.
The teams certainly delivered on Sunday night especially when it came to that revolving wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw would be envious of and the futuristic kitchen.
But for us at home who don't have such a big budget but want to add a dash of luxury into their home, we have some easy tips that even Laurence Llewelyn Bowen himself would approve of and that won't break the bank in doing so.

Don't be afraid of dark colours

While whites and creams are subtle and safe, a deep and dark colour can really bring a room to life.
Pete and Courtney wanted a green and blue colour palette so instead of going pale and pastel, Shayn and Carly's choice opted for a darker shade and it paid off.
"I love this blue, it's a really great, deep blue and the artwork works beautifully against it," judge Wendy Moore said of the entrance.
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Opt for bold prints and textures

Whether its sleek black tiles over a fireplace or a bold patterned wallpaper, bigger can be better when it comes to opulence.
The judges were very impressed by Mikaela and Eliza's tiled fireplace and the contrast with the black painted wall saying it brought a level of sophistication and elegance to the room.
And when it came to Lisa and Andy's dressing room, though a revolving wardrobe may not be in everyone's budget, they impressed with their rose wallpaper and were even told they could have gone harder with shiny black floors.
LLB was very impressed with Mikaela and Eliza's contrasting black walls. (Image: Channel Seven)
Katie and Alex certainly wowed in their zone, particularly with their green tiled bathroom.
"Too many people would look at this tile and go 'It's going to be too much to do the floor and the wall,' and the answer is no," Laurence said.
Push the boundaries with colour and print. (Image: Channel Seven)

Lights, camera, action!

When you've got that dark, metallic feel it's easy to lose that much needed brightness.
"You've got to get that balance right," LLB said. "If you're going to paint a room black, which is very modern and elegant, you've got to understand it's going to suck the light up."
If you don't have a window or skylight to bring in natural light, add in more light fixtures.
WATCH: How pendant lights can work in every room of the house. Post continues...

The little touches will make it

While the walls and floors may be the first things people notice when they enter a room, like accessories with an outfit, the details can transform a room.
While the brass handles in the bathroom were well received, Mikaela and Eliza were penalised for their choice of ordinary, grey tiles and towels and despite the grandeur of Lisa and Andy's dining room, they were told they could have even gone harder with the final touches.
"If you're going to be this opulent, where are the mounds of fruit and peacock feathers and stuff?" Laurence said.
Don't hold back when it comes to the finer details. (Image: Channel Seven)

Don't overdo it

Opulence is all about boldness and going big, but there is such thing as going too big.
Shayn and Carly stumbled when they added too many bold details and kept "layering it on," and Jamie even compared it to a bad disco.
"This is the biggest trap you can fall into when you're trying to create an opulent vibe," Wendy said.
"They've got the wallpaper and then they've got the lights on top of it and then they've got the bedhead and then they've got all of this hairy stuff on top of the bed. There's so much going on."
"It can't be cheap feeling," Laurence said. So knowing when to draw the line is imperative.
Happy decorating!
Don't overdo it when it comes to those opulent features. (Image: Channel Seven)

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