This Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales bring some stress relief to your life by investing in a weighted blanket at these calming low prices

Mark our words: Your life will change!

By Faye Couros
If the past two years were a dream, they would be considered a nightmare, so jarring our brains would have to throw them away immediately upon waking up.
It's not been the time of our lives, and even if we don't notice the effects on our mental health every day, a lot of information has come out that proves stress levels have risen.
According to a survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Aussies are experiencing "high or very high" amounts of psychological distress due to the pandemic.
Further findings discovered that 30 per cent of Australian's aged 18 to 34 felt heavy effects, and 18 per cent of people between 35 to 64 reported similar feelings.
No matter what group you fall into, this global tragedy has touched us all, so as we enter the new year, we may want to find resources to help us destress.
30 per cent of Australian's aged 18 to 34 felt heavy effects from the pandemic. Getty
One way to get your holistic care ball rolling is to invest in a weighted blanket.
Healthline reports they are beneficial for people who are neurodivergent, anxious or suffer from insomnia.
The extra pressure they place on your body is meant to replicate the therapeutic technique, deep pressure, which is used in therapy.
As a result, the benefits include reduced anxiety, better sleep, some depression and pain relief.
Because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are causing some shopping stress, we think adding a weighted blanket to your cart will do you wonders.
Weighted blankets take the stress out of life. Getty

Here are the best weighted blanket sales out in Australia

Therapy: They are offering 30 per cent off blankets and covers.
Myer: Weighted blankets are a part of Myer's big sales, which will see crazy reductions.
The Oodie: Save up to $35 with their code.
Simple Sleep: Offers include saving $130 and free shipping across Australia.
Kohl's: Receive an extra 15 per cent off with their promo code: ENJOY15.
Calming Blankets: Use the BLACKFRIDAY code to receive $110 off.
ECOSA: Receive 25 per cent storewide, and for their weighted blankets save $50 on each purchase when you buy two or more.
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