Watch Bill Murray’s Christmas spectacular: A Very Murray Christmas

You’re about to hear those hear those sleigh bells jingling because Christmas is around the corner and we’ve got the perfect festive film to provide ample doses of holiday cheer.

Bill Murray stars in the highly-anticipated musical comedy film, A Very Murray Christmas.
The Netflix special will be directed by Sofia Coppola, a long-time friend, and collaborator of Bill’s.
In the film, the 65-year-old plays a fictionalised version of himself which follows his attempt to host a live holiday broadcast with his favourite stars when a blizzard threatens to ruin the event.
The Lost in Translation director has pulled out all stops, calling upon her glitziest Hollywood friends including George Clooney, Chris Rock, Amy Poehler and even Miley Cyrus (it must be a Christmas miracle!)
George Clooney AND Miley Cyrus! That's got our bells jingling!
"Bill is friends with George [Clooney], so that's how he came on. Then, we wanted a pop starlet," said Coppola. "I had met Miley through Marc Jacobs and she seemed really game and nice, so I asked through a friend,” Sofia revealed to People about the impressive cast.
She went on to explain that the film style is a nod to Bill as song stylist, and a throwback to yesteryear.
"It just started from wanting to see Bill sing and our fondness for those old Christmas specials that were on TV in the '70s and '80s."
We expect Bill will provide a lot of laughs, especially with co-stars like Amy Poehler
You can expect to see New York with a touch of jazz sprinkled with some Christmas cheer… And if the trailer is anything to go by, a whole lotta laughs!
Michael Cera quips in the trailer, “This sad excuse for a Christmas special, is starting to seem more to me like a Chris-mess!”
A Very Murray Christmas will air on Netflix on December 4th 2015.
Watch the hilarious promo in the video player above!

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