Slip into sweet dreams with silky soft bed sheets

Get the best beauty sleep of your life.

By Isabelle Knevett
Have you been hearing the hype about the benefits of switching to silk pillow cases? What if we told you you could slide into your best sleep yet with a full set of silky soft sheets?
Making the switch to silk sheets is a costly exercise. This is mostly attributed to the fact that silk is a natural material made from the cocoons of silk worms as well as the amount of material that is needed to make a set of sheets.
However, there are endless benefits of investing in silk sheets for your next bedroom update:
  • Silk is hypoallergenic which makes it a great option for those suffering from asthma or allergies. It also repels pests like mites or bed bugs.
  • As bacteria can't actually grow on silk it makes them great at fighting acne, although still ensure to change your sheets .
  • Silk does not absorb as much moisture as other fabrics which means it won't draw out much needed hydration from your skin. It's also said to prevent skin creasing during sleep as there is less friction.
  • Another beauty benefit is that the softness of the fabric won't pull and tug on your hair which means less split ends and tangles.
Silk is incredibly long lasting. So, when you're investing in a silk sheet set you know it will last you for years to come. Not to mention it is more eco-friendly than other materials on the market. It may not be vegan, but it requires fewer resources in the production process.

The best silk sheets to shop in Australia

Convinced? Shop your own silk sheets with the the guidance of our top picks below, and get your beauty sleep in style.
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