Bec Judd shows off her unique family Christmas tree

Bec Judd's choice of Christmas tree has had a polarising response from fans.

By Chloe Lal
On Sunday, the mum-of-four took to Instagram where she shared the Judd household's choice in Christmas tree.
"My husband almost breaks his back every year when he needs to get our tree out of storage," she explained to her 589K followers.
"It is soooooo heavy (this is just the top section) and made of recycled branches by @greghatton. Our decorations are from @countryroad."
Before concluding, "Christmas is coming......"

While many families may be used to a luscious tree filled with leaves, the Judd family prefer a greener option.
The quirky choice had commentators sharing very different view points.
"Sorry, really don't like this at all. Not very exciting for the kids. Where's the green, fairy lights & warmth?" One person expressed.
Another shared their outrage, penning, "Horrible very disappointing, wheres the traditional tree! Whats next a stick figure bunny for Easter!"
One fan left this scathing comment, "Every year she puts up this tree and I hate it - barren, lacking cheer colour and festivity! Bland and barren and just ... tasteless - so sorry but expect so much more form such a stylist."
But the TV presenter's fans were quick to defend Bec.
"Absolutely love it! The decorations look perfect on it," one person gushed.
Another echoed, "I love it, I'm in a 1 bedroom apartment by myself so bought a minimalist tree!"
"That is awesome. What a fantastic spin on a xmas tree.. its like a summer version.. love it," a user gushed.
The townhouse, styled by Bec, is described as "a luxurious inner city haven."
Meanwhile, Bec and Chris are hoping for a Christmas miracle after the couple failed to sell their Prahran townhouse, for a second time.
They first put up glamorous home on the market in 2013, but when they couldn't find a buyer, they kept it as a rental investment, with Domain reporting with was being leased for "$1999 per week."
Over the weekend, it went to auction but they were reportedly left "disappointed" after the opening bid of $1.85 million gained no traction.
“Chris is disappointed like anyone would be not to sell at auction but we’re confident it will be pretty soon," real estate agent Michael Townsend revealed to the Herald Sun.
The place was styled by Bec, who documented it in her online lifestyle series.
The couple, who wed in 2009, have said that they will donate a portion of the sale to St Kilda drug and alcohol charity, Windana.

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