How do you host a party? 6 apps to help you become the host with the most

If you’re going to do it, you might as well make your party one to remember.

It’s official – summer is finally upon us and the party season is now in full swing. We’re now embracing the long hot days that Australia is renowned for, along with our BBQs, beer on tap and some great tunes to kick back and relax with our favourite party goers.

Although many of us might prefer to be entertained by others (as ultimately, it’s less work), it’s only fair that we also do our bit by hosting a fun-filled event – and if you’re going to do it, you might as well make your party one to remember.

To help, if you’re super busy and in need of some inspiration, we’ve got the top six apps you need on your smartphone to make your summer bash an incredible one.

A Cooking App

One of the hardest things about entertaining for most people is preparing the food. Because the future is here and it’s now, an app exists that helps you find a home cook in your neighbourhood who will whip up a feast for you!

The app is called FoodByUs, and it’s kind of revolutionary especially with Christmas dinner just around the corner.

By getting a local to cook helps you save time – and if you keep it quiet, everyone will be super impressed with your cooking!

A Cocktail App

Sure, you could be basic and serve wine and beer, everyone likes wine and beer right?

While that may be the case, everyone knows you can’t beat a good cocktail. Sadly there’s no app which will bring a smoking hot professional mixologist to your home, but there is one that can teach you how to make fancy-ass cocktails.

It’s called Cocktail Flow and creates drinks based on what you already have on hand. Amazing!

A Live Music App

Make your party one to remember by using Bandaroo, kind of like Gumtree for bands.

The best part is you can get really specific about what sort of music you’d like, from a cool young guitar player to a jazz ensemble.

A Decorating App

Sure you could check out the sale bin in Spotlight, you’ll get a nice collection of bits and bobs – but Harry the Hirer is an app which rents out themed accessories for your party. You can find everything there from table settings, marquees, wall decor and even luxuriant lighting.

Your party will be the Instgram hit of the season.

An app to get the party started

Face it; even the best-laid plans can backfire. No matter how much time you’ve spent planning the perfect party or Christmas dinner, the mood all depends on the guests getting into the vibe on the night.

There’s an app that can help; it’s called Reverse Charades.

Instead of one person giving a hint about a word to a group through mime as in classic Charades, one person has to guess the word while the group acts out the scene.

An app to cleanup after the party

Yep, this app really exists.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of a seeing your home the morning after the night before. A sink full of dishes, a glass of red wine spilt on the white carpet.

Whizz is an app which allows you to book a bespoke cleaning service; you can even book the cleaners the day before.

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