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Zoe Foster Blake shares her amazing trick that will have your kids eating their entire breakfast

Parents are losing their minds over this easy hack.

By Erin Doyle
Parents know all too well the struggle is real when it comes to getting kids to eat their meals.
So when Zoë Foster Blake, 38, shared a genius breakfast hack, parents around the country were whipped into a frenzy and taking note.
Zoë, who shares son Sonny, four, and daughter Rudy, one, with her LEGO Masters host husband Hamish Blake, 37, took to Instagram to reveal her game-changing trick.
Sharing a photo of her "Party Porridge", the beauty queen explained she added food colouring and sprinkles to the normally bland-looking dish to create a bright and fun treat that her kids couldn't get enough of.
Pretty in pink: Zoë Foster Blake revealed she added food colouring and sprinkles to make "Party Porridge". (Image: @zotheysay/ Instagram)

"I'm not the mum who makes fun, inventive food for the kids. I make pasta and cheese sandwiches and pasta and omelettes and pasta. We get by. They're fed. It's fine," Zoë wrote alongside the image.
"But yesterday, noticing a critical lack of flour for our usual Pancake Sunday, I made something I told them was Party Porridge (oats, milk, few drops of food colouring, coconut, Greek yoghurt, honey and sprinkles) which raised delight levels exponentially and finally made me feel like the kind of kooky kitchen witch they could be proud of."
And it seems it was a hit with Sonny and Rudy, with Zoë sharing an image of a different coloured "Party Porridge" the following day.
WATCH: Zoe opens up about her husband's passion for comedy. Post continues after the video...
The mum-of-two explained the trick was easy and was a hit with her kids. (Image: @zotheysay/ Instagram)
"This is what happens when your kids remember 'party porridge' and expect it every day and you're too tired to argue. I personally think blue looks gross," she wrote.
"Also I stained my hands quite a lot and have a black tie event tonight. Cute!'
Inspired by mum-of-two's hack, Zoë's followers also revealed their own efforts recreating the colourful breakfast idea.
One of the Amazing Face author's fans took a slightly different spin and opted to add food dye to Weetbix and adding yoghurt, apple puree, sprinkles.
Alongside an image of a pink dish and a tiny tot gazing at the bowl, Zoë's follower excitedly wrote: "Jumped on the party porridge train this morning."
It's safe to say many very tired parents may soon be following suit.
Zoë's followers also got on board and added pink food dye to Weet-Bix. (Image: @zotheysay/ Instagram)