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Cork wine or cap wine: which is better?

The debate may finally have an answer!

By Holly Royce
Another of the world's great debates and mysteries - is cap wine best or is corked wine better?
There are arguments for both sides.For example, in 2015 researchers found that screw-caps and synthetic corks were better for preserving the flavour of wine, though traditionalists refused to accept the findings.
“Screw-caps and the synthetic cork are more consistent," Andrew Waterhouse, a wine chemist at UC Davis told Capradio.
"Significantly more consistent. But, when I’ve talked to winemakers about what closures they want to use I’ve had many of them tell me they prefer natural corks.”
He stressed that more research needed to be done, and now there will be.
Now, thanks to scientists at Oxford University in the UK, we may finally have a definitive answer.
The experiment will be lead by Professor Charles Spence, head of experimental psychology at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory.
"Our brains have a powerful hold over our taste buds, and it will be interesting to see the differing effects the multi-sensory aspects of wine drinking have on our perception of taste," he has said in a statement.
"This is a debate that has been ongoing in the wine industry for many years and we hope this trial will go some way to providing a definitive answer to this fascinating question."
Buuuuuut, you're going to have to wait just a little longer for the final answer. The experiment will run from July 28 to July 29 in Soho, London and the results will be released later this year.
As long as it's wine, who cares?