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Revealed: The best culinary hot-spots in Sydney's Newtown

Our writers Brittany and Mitch ventured to Sydney’s bohemian inner-west to find the tastiest – and most interesting – places to eat.

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To learn more about both Newtown's culinary offerings and history, we joined Foodi's Newtown Safari tour, which gives you the chance to sample some of the town's most famous eateries.
But before we sat down to eat, our guide, Karyn, took us for a walk through Camperdown Cemetery.
Tucked just behind Newtown's bustling main drag, King Street, this step back in time was a great way to discover how much the city has changed.
It's also said to be home to the ghosts of convicts from the 1800s.
Thankfully, they decided to leave us alone so we could start our feast.
Brittany and Mitch with tour guide Karyn (middle)Photos exclusive to Take 5

Bliss and chips

Seafood for vegetarians? Yes please!Photos exclusive to Take 5
Mitch says;
Seafood made out of plants?
The idea might sound completely bonkers, but after sinking my teeth into a seafood basket ($10) consisting of plant-based fish, crab sticks and prawns, I reckon most punters wouldn't be able to taste the difference ... I certainly couldn't!
The serving was a bit smaller than some traditional fish and chip shops, but the good news was that meant I had enough room in my tummy to tuck into the deep-fried ice-cream after.
Other items like deep-fried pizza or deep-fried cookie dough with marshmallows probably aren't for everyone, but I'll definitely be back to Bliss and Chips next time I need a junk food fix.
There's also a range of soups and salads for those who want something a bit healthier.

Lentil As Anything

This popular joint is worth the wait!Photos exclusive to Take 5
Mitch says;
I never knew how versatile lentils and vegetables can be until I visited this popular Newtown establishment which uses only these ingredients to create an ever-changing daily menu.
I sampled a Japanese-style pancake, maple-glazed baked cauliflower with couscous salad and vegetable nachos.
Part of what makes this place so unique is that you only pay what you can afford and, if you have no money at all, you can pay it forward by joining the other wait staff and kitchen hands who are all volunteers.
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Did you know?
Animal-lovers adore Newtown so much that there's a petition to change Egan Street to Vegan Street.

Thai Pothong

The food was delicious!Photos exclusive to Take 5
Brittany says;
I've eaten cuisines from all over the world in Newtown but one of the biggest staples is Thai food.
And amongst some hefty competition, Thai Pothong is one of the standouts.
Dedicated to authentic Thai food, every dish is not only carefully prepared but creatively presented as well.
From yellow curry seafood served in a fresh coconut, to family favourites like spring rolls, fish cakes and satay chicken, you will leave this restaurant feeling satiated.
Most of all, I loved their wacky interior design, including a pair of robots near the doorway.
Did you know?
Newtown is home to some of Sydney's most vibrant street art. Take a walk around the back streets and you'll be amazed by the colourful creations. If that's not enough, continue down to the end of King Street and you'll find May Lane in St Peters, which is dedicated entirely to graffiti.

Earl’s Juke Joint

This cocktail bar is super secret!Photos exclusive to Take 5
Brittany says;
If you walked from one end of King Street to the other, keeping your eyes peeled the whole time, you still wouldn't find this trendy cocktail bar.
Until our Foodi tour, I didn't even know it existed! And that's not because it's in an obscure location.
When Earl's Juke Joint took over from Betta Meats, the butcher shop at 407 King Street, the new owners decided to keep the old façade.
Complete with banners declaring "top quality meats" and "continental small goods" as well as vintage lace curtains, Earl's Juke Joint has remained a well-loved secret.
Inside, the trendy joint is cosy and intimate, serving scrumptious cocktails.
I indulged in the popular Espresso Diabolique – filled with bourbon, espresso, orange and chocolate.
Did you know?
Newtown is known for shunning the mainstream. In 1998, the King Street Maccas became the first in NSW to close down, driven out by organic-loving locals.

Pie Tin

We only had eyes for pie!Photos exclusive to Take 5
Brittany says;
The humble pie is an Australian classic and this bakery goes above and beyond to offer up a mix of traditional and innovative sweet and savoury options.
They're all handmade daily on the premises so you can be sure you're getting a freshly baked treat.
I have a sweet tooth, so I tried a slice of the Oreo cookies and cream pie and a slice of the classic lemon meringue.
The serving sizes were huge and dense but absolutely delicious.
If you're thirsty but don't want to miss out, you can grab a pie thickshake.
Just choose a sweet pie, like the Cherry Ripe, and they'll blend a slice up into a thickshake for you!
Brittany with the world most instagrammed cake!Photos exclusive to Take 5
Did you know?
Newtown is where you'll find the most Instagrammed cake in the world! Black Star Pastry's strawberry watermelon cake is so beautiful we dare you to resist taking a pic.

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