The best vegetarian and vegan Christmas in July recipes

Because the vegos shouldn't have to miss out!

By The Australian Women's Weekly
We are well and truly into winter here in Australia and Christmas is sadly months away, but the genius tradition of Aussies celebrating Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to gather up your favourite people and tuck into delicious food.
So why do people celebrate "Christmas in July"?
At first glance, the concept of celebrating Christmas in July seems quite bizarre. Everyone knows Christmas is in December!
The thing is, December 25 comes at the peak of southern hemisphere's summer, which is a season decidedly out of step with the cold Christmases that inspired much of our yuletide traditions.
Have you ever tried eating a roast dinner in 30 degree heat? It's awful!
So, in an effort to capture some of the magic of a cold Christmas, some of us like to celebrate "Christmas" in the coldest month - July! - so we can eat our weight in roast chicken, ham and roast potatoes without overheating in that intense summer weather.
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There are no public holidays associated with Christmas in July, nor is there an official date in July on which it is celebrated.
This unofficial Christmas celebration is just a bit of fun.
And while vegetarians and vegans can often draw the short straw with all those roasted meats, it's totally easy to hero vegetables and ensure the vegos don't go hungry!
So say goodbye to sipping eggnog in the blazing summer sun, it's time to huddle by the hearth and embrace the magic of the season with these charming Christmas in July recipes!
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