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10 of our favourite slow cooker recipes

Trust us: you'll be converted.

Winter is here and so it's almost time you reach over to that kitchen cupboard you haven't opened in months, dust off that slow cooker and start making some hearty meals.
Serious praise to whoever invented the slow cooker. If you're after fresh inspiration for the best slow cooker recipes then you have come to the right place as we've rounded up 10 of the best including everything from slow cooked meat to slow cooked soup recipes.
Forget about all that time you spent staring into your freezer, searching for something to cook at 6pm, and that mad rush to get dinner on the table after finishing work late. The ease of popping something on when you leave in the morning and coming home to it sizzling away really is the best and most convenient thing ever.
Tuck in and enjoy.

Slow cooker pork recipes

1. Red pork and lychee curry - delicious and satisfying, perfect for any night of the week.

Slow cooker lamb recipes

2. Sun-dried tomato and balsamic lamb stew - this is one lamb stew that will seriously excite your tastebuds.
3. Lamb shanks and eggplant stew - nourish your soul (and your family) with this slow cooked lamb shanks winner.

Slow cooker vegetarian meals

4. Moroccan chickpea stew - perfect for those seriously cold winter nights.

Slow cooker chicken recipes

5. Slow cooker coq au vin - this traditional French chicken, bacon and mushroom stew is made even more flavoursome when cooked overnight in a slow cooker. Just breathe in and smell the aromas.
6. Shredded Mexican chicken and beans - the delicious combination of tender shredded chicken and slow cooked beans makes this slow cooker Mexican dish absolutely delicious. Enjoy it warm for a family weeknight dinner.

Slow cooker beef recipes (yes, including ribs and shanks)

7. Beef and vegetable soup - warm up your soul on a cold winter's night with a bowl of this teamed with warm, crusty bread.
8. Slow-cooked Mexican beef chilli mole - this traditional Mexican meat dish, where chocolate, chilli and beef are combined in a hearty casserole, is even more flavoursome in this gorgeous version of the recipe made in a slow cooker.
9. Slow-cooked beef rib bourguignon - the addition of tender beef ribs in this traditional French dish brings a wonderful flavour and texture to the classic beef bourguignon. Serve it straight out of the slow cooker with a side of mashed potato or crusty bread.
10. And finally, our favourite: slow cooker lamb shanks - all you need to do is pop your ingredients in the slow cooker, step back, and let the magic happen.

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