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This is what single strand of spaghetti is actually called

And there are a whole bunch of other Italian words you've probably been getting wrong.

By The Debrief team
It's National Pasta Day and what better way to celebrate than to learn you've been wrong about this magical food your entire life.
Before we begin this article, let us remember that spaghetti is life and regardless of what you’re about to find out, it doesn’t change anything. Now we can start.
Are you sat there wondering what the fuck your life has been? Wondering how on earth you’ve sat on this earth not knowing this for however long you’ve been sat on this earth? The internet is. The internet is freaking out big time after Twitter user @caroramsey tweeted about the Italian food discovery and it was retweeted over 18, 2000 times and liked about 430, 000 times.
I’m going to be that smug dick now and say, I knew this. Because I lived in Italy (again, soz, smug dick) so yes, I knew that ‘spaghetti’ is the plural for one single ‘spaghetto’ and that it’s not the only Italian word you’ve been using wrong.
Whenever you head over to a local cafe and order one of those pre-packaged sandwiches they so wrongly label ‘panini’ yeah sorry you’re ordering that wrong too. You’re in fact ordering more than one ‘panino.’
So sorry mates, but let’s discuss the other one’s you’ve been getting wrong shall we.
1) Ravioli means more than one raviolo .
2) Salami is plural for the singual salame (not salamo because it’s a feminine noun and you can’t add an ‘a’ to the end of it - don’t ask me why I’m not fluent)
3) Those little tasty Cannoli treats? Yeh, the singular of them is canolo. So if you’ve been meaning to order one but end up with a few ‘cause you call them ‘cannoli’ that’s why.
4) Let’s through a curve ball in there with ‘penne.’ Penne pasta is plural for penna, the singular word for your favourite pasta.
5) Biscotti is actually biscotto if you want the one biscuit
6) Gnocchi – gnocco
7) And finally because that’s about as far as my Italian can take me, did you know that more than one pizza would actually be Pizze? So next time you’re ordering more than one pizza, feel free to use this knowledge and say ‘pizze’ to impress your Italian waiter. Ciao.
(We can confirm that all these words have been approved by an actual Italian as I am, unfortunately not one)
The story was originally published on the Debrief