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The top 15 retro recipes of all time

A memory in every mouthful.

Sometimes, the meals our grandparents made us are the best. We've pulled together our favourite retro recipes that will take you back to childhood with every mouthful.

Prawn cocktail

Kick it old-school with this fresh and flavoursome prawn cocktail! This crowd-pleasing classic makes the perfect starter or accompaniment at your next dinner party! Get the recipe here.

Deep-fried ice-cream

Sweet, sticky, crunchy, cool and creamy - everything you want in a dessert. Treat yourself to this retro dessert, often served at Chinese restaurants after a banquet. Click here for the delicious recipe.

Apricot chicken

This classic dish is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, and was one of the more experimental dishes from back in the day. Surprise your family with this classic apricot chicken recipe. Click here for the recipe.

Classic trifle

Everyone loves a classic trifle. There's just something about fruit, cream and sweet sponge cake. Everyone has their own variation, but we love this one. Just like Mum made it! Click here for this delicious dessert!

Tuna Mornay

It doesn't get much more retro than this creamy seafood dish. Bring back this classic and make it for your family tonight - who couldn't love it? Click here for the recipe!

Black forest cake

There is just about no better combination than this - layers of creamy, sweet chocolate, rich whipped cream and fresh black cherries, all in cake form. Yes please, and thank you. Click here for this delicious dessert!

Glazed meatloaf

This one's another family favourite that everyone will have their own experience with. As daggy as it may seem, there is nothing more comforting than a thick slice of homemade meatloaf with roasted veggies. Get the recipe here.

Banana split

This classic dessert takes us back to the good old days, sipping shakes at the milk bar, and indulgent in decadent desserts with our girlfriends. Decades on, it's still a massive hit. For the delicious dessert recipe, click here.

Scotch eggs

It may seem odd to the younger generations, but we know just how delicious scotch eggs are! A perfectly hard-boiled egg encased in tender, spiced meat... This is picnic snacking at it's finest. Click here for the tasty recipe.

Vanilla rice pudding

Most of us first experienced this sweet and creamy dessert at our grandparent's house. There's just something seriously comforting about gooey rice with sugar. This one definitely needs to make a come-back! For the delicious dessert recipe, click here.

Beef wellington

This classic British dish is hearty and delicious. Imagine tender, juicy meat surrounded by a crispy, golden layer of pastry. Try swapping your Sunday roast for this retro recipe this weekend. Click here for the recipe.

Bread and butter pudding

One of the originals, and one of the best. Bread and butter pudding is one of those desserts that never goes out of style, no matter how daggy. Who couldn't love sweet, soft bread, creamy custard and juicy sultanas? For the delicious recipe, click here!

Cob loaf bread

Remember this delicious party favourite? Homemade spinach dip served inside a round cob loaf, using the left-over bread to scoop up a dollop of creamy goodness. Yes, just yes. Want the recipe? Click here.

Lime chiffon pie

This recipes from one of the original Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks - ask your Mum or Gran, she'll definitely remember it. Even better, you can recreate it for them! Click here for the delicious recipe!

Prawn toast

This classic Asian treat is as old-school as it gets. Crispy fried bread with fresh prawns and sesame seeds... You don't see that anymore. And that needs to change! Make the recipe here.