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Weight Watchers debuts a new low-calorie white wine called Cense

At fewer points per glass than your typical vino, you won't have to choose between a glass of wine or dessert!

I like wine, you like wine, we all like wine! And now diet giant Weight Watchers is helping us all enjoy a little bit more of it thanks to a brand new, low-cal Sauvignon Blanc called Cense.
At fewer points per glass than your typical vino , you won't have to choose between a glass of wine or dessert!
To craft its new white wine, Weight Watchers teamed up with Truett-Hurst Winery, a California producer. Weight Watchers' goal was to create a wine that was three points, rather than the typical four, Ryan Nathan, Weight Watchers' vice president of products, licensing, and e-commerce, said.
The new Cense wine clocks in at just 85 calories per glass and an alcohol level of 9.6 percent alcohol by volume, meaning it doesn't pack as much of a punch as traditional Sauvignon Blancs, which have an average alcohol level of 11 to 13.5 percent alcohol by volume.
Cheers to that!
Initially, Weight Watchers envisioned a low-calorie red wine; Zinfandel and Shiraz were both considered. But when folks at Weight Watchers and the winery realized they couldn't reduce the alcohol content in a red wine and still have a full, robust flavor, they switched to re-engineering a Sauvignon Blanc. It took them two years before they finally settled on what is now Cense wine.
The grapes used to make Cense were grown in New Zealand's famous Marlborough vineyards before they were turned into wine and shipped to the U.S. Once stateside, the alcohol in the wines was reduced before bottling.
So far, Cense has been well received. As Delish taste-testers described it as: "The nose is heavy on the grapefruit — mostly ruby red grapefruit — plus a good bit of Meyer lemon, followed by a hint of candied pineapple. Those aromas carry through to the flavour, which is citrusy with a touch of green jalapeno-like notes."
Not a fan of white wines? Don't fret! The company plans to release a rosé in the future.
Both are set to be available in Australia, but no date is available yet.
This story was originally published on First for Women.