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Everything you need for the ultimate lockdown picnic: From snacks and summery cocktails, to a chic face mask

New freedom for the fully vaccinated!

By Maddison Leach
Picnics are back on for the fully vaccinated and saying that Sydneysiders are excited would be an understatement.
With restrictions finally lifting across all LGAs, just about everyone who is fully vaxxed and living in NSW is now able to gather outside for a sit-down with friends.
And if sights in parks over the weekend are anything to go by, locals are grabbing the chance to socialise again with both hands.
From the North Shore to the Sutherland Shire, people were out in droves to enjoy their first picnic in months.
Picnics are back on for the fully vaccinated in NSW. (Pexels)
Current rules allow up to five fully vaccinated people to gather outdoors for a picnic, where they can eat, drink and socialise more than they've been able to for over 10 weeks.
While many people are still waiting on their second vaccine before they're allowed to join in, the excitement is palpable.
And for those who aren't living in Sydney, spring is settling in across Australia making it the perfect time to enjoy a picnic anyway!
To celebrate the warmer weather and changes in NSW's lockdown restrictions, we've put together a list of everything you'll need for the ultimate picnic.
And just to be clear - getting both of your vaccinations is top of the list!
Scroll on for our guide of what to pack for the perfect spring picnic as lockdowns begin to lift.

Fun picnic gear

It's so easy to just throw a rug down at your local park and soak up the spring air with four friends, but you can also elevate your picnic experience with a few budget items.
Invest in a big picnic blanket that everyone can spread out on and opt for something waterproof if you or your family and friends are prone to spills, especially when there are kids around.
For those with easy access to a beach, you may want a sand-resistant towel to make your shoreside picnics less sandy.
Picking up a few camp stools and chairs is a great idea if you plan to meet up with people who might find sitting on the ground for a while uncomfortable, like those with limited mobility.
You can also take a small portable speaker to play some music and add to the ambiance - just don't crank the volume too loud if you're in a shared space.

Summery cocktails

Let's be honest, there's nothing Aussies love more than a cheeky alcoholic beverage when the weather starts to warm up.
With the pub still off-limits, it's time to make the most of seeing our friends and family again by indulging in a boozy picnic = just check the alcohol laws at your local park first, as some don't allow open drinks.
Canned cocktails like the new Bacardi Mojitos are a perfect, portable choice for your picnic or you can opt for something a little more refined like a bottle of bubbly.
If you're feeling fancy, you can even order a picnic Spritz Kit from SOFI Aperitivo, that comes with everything you need, including products from Dal Zotto Prosecco, CAPI Soda and Sunnylife Esky featuring slide out bamboo lid that doubles as a handy chopping board and drinks holder.

The perfect snack platter

What's a picnic without a cheese platter, a bag of chips and a pack of Tim Tams (or three).
It's the first time most Sydneysiders have been allowed to gather for a meal with friends and family since lockdown began, so why not indulge?
You can put together a DIY snack platter, order one through Coles or Woolworths, or look for a more upmarket provider like Platter Up Co. in Sydney.
If you're in a different city, a quick Google search will help you find a local business you can support as many are still doing it tough during the pandemic.

Chic face masks

Just because we're allowed to get out and enjoy a picnic again doesn't mean we can stop taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.
Current rules in NSW state that only fully vaccinated people can picnic together and they still have to wear masks and social distance if they're not actively eating, drinking or exercising.
With that in mind, you may want to invest in a fresh face mask to meet up with friends and family for a picnic.
Spring is in the air, so we've collected a few styles that will go perfectly with the warmer weather.