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This IKEA bag wedding dress hack is a game changer

The genius IKEA hack helping brides go to the toilet.

By Holly Royce
When you think of a wedding dress- what's the first thing that comes to mind?
A big, beautiful white dress worn to celebrate one of the most important moments in your life?
What about going to the toilet? You may not automatically think about it, but chances are it's something you will need to do at least once n your big day.
And while that big, beautiful white dress seemed like a great idea before, one full bladder and two arm-fulls of tulle later, you'll be cursing the dress and the person who made it.
Yep, going to the bathroom can be a disaster in a wedding dress.
That was until Facebook user Djsweeby shared this groundbreaking IKEA bag hack from a user known only as Tina.
Image credit: DJsweeby
"How to go to the bathroom in a wedding dress: An IKEA blue bag hack," the post begins.
"Well, I got married a few weeks ago (in a mermaid wedding dress) and I was really worried about going to the bathroom and not being able to … handle myself."
"Someone helping or watching me going to the bathroom on my wedding day? Not being able to have free hands to use the toilet paper? Or even worse if my period decides to show? NO WAY! Some stuff like this bridal bathroom helper exists but are expensive just because it is wedding related," she continues.
"My bridal bathroom helper hack costs about 0.80 euro and I did it the day before my wedding. It took only 3 minutes. What I like best is it's almost free and allows me to make my life easier on my wedding day."
The helpful post then links over to Ikea Hackers, where user Tina breaks down how to make the bridal bathroom helper from just an IKEA FRAKTA big blue bag and a pair of scissors.