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How to make tagliolini pasta

That's dinner sorted then.

By BTYB Smeg
Nothing beats homemade pasta. Fresh, light and delicious, it's the perfect starting point for dinner. Just add a quick sauce and you've got yourself a dish that the whole family loves.
And the best bit? It's easy to make. Yes really! All you need is four ingredients — flour, eggs, olive oil and salt — to make your dough and a pasta roller attachment for your mixer.
The trick is to feed the dough through the roller several times, narrowing the width each time, so that you end up with fine, authentic and delicious tagliolini. And the beauty of fresh pasta is that it cooks much quicker; it only takes two minutes for this tagliolini to be cooked to perfection.
Now all you need is some grated zucchini, crumbled ricotta and a sprinkle of mint and you've got yourself a delicious, homemade, summer pasta dish that's packed with flavour.
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