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The one thing Gordon Ramsay says to NEVER order at a restaurant

You won't be able to look at this family favourite in the same way again...

By Amber Elias
Gordon Ramsay is known for his tough criticism of food in his TV show and restaurant, but even the opinionated chef has his limits when it comes to food at a restaurant.
Ramsay knows a thing or two about running a restaurant, and revealed to Town & Country magazine the one thing you should completely avoid on the menu next time you go out for dinner.
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The soup of the day is the menu item he singled out to never order at a restaurant, and it completely makes sense.
"Ask what yesterday’s soup du jour [soup of the day] was before today’s special. It may be the case that it’s the soup du month," Ramsay says to Town & Country
According to Ramsay, you should skip the soup of the day, as it might be the case that the same soup has been served for the whole month, which sounds pretty gross to us.
But this isn't the only thing that you should steer clear of when you're next looking over a menu. Acclaimed chef Anthony Bourdain famously ruined hollandaise sauce for all when he declared the popular yellow sauce a breeding ground for bacteria.
"Bacteria love hollandaise. And nobody I know has ever made hollandaise to order," he said in his 2000 book Kitchen Confidential.
Bourdain also proclaims: "I never order fish on Monday, I know how old most seafood is on Monday - about four to five days old!" and he completely avoids swordfish and anything that sounds like leftovers.
"Beef Parmentier? Shepherd's pie? Chilli special? Sounds like leftovers to me."
Excuse us while we regret everything that we have ever ordered at a restaurant.