6 easy recipes to make when you’re all out of energy

And none of them are toast!

By BTYB Smeg
Whether it has been a long day at work, a tiring day of school-holiday entertaining with the kids, or you've simply woken up with a case of the lazies (it's a thing!), cooking can sometimes be the last thing you feel like doing.
Despite our best intentions, we don't always have the time (or energy!) to whip up the healthy, gourmet meal we would like for our family.
Rather than reaching for the takeaway menus when you can't be bothered, why not save yourself a little cash and whip up one of our effortless recipes instead?
With a little help from the new Smeg Hand Blender, delicious food (that doesn't skimp on taste) is easy-peasy. Thanks to a powerful motor and clever attachments suitable for a wide variety of tasks, the stylish retro-look kitchen assistant makes light work of daily food preparation.
Here, six delish recipes for when you just can't be bothered: