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Choco-Scopes: The best Easter chocolate to match your zodiac sign

Find out which chocolate you should stock up on this Easter.

By NW team
With Easter upon us, we now have a state-sanctioned excuse to stuff our faces with delicious chocolate.
But with so much choice out there, if you're pondering over which chocolates to line your shopping trolley with, we've got you covered.
Keep on scrolling to find out which chocolate best matches your star sign.

ARIES: Plain white chocolate

Chilli-based chocs are an absolute no-no for hot-headed rams – even plain milk chocolate could send an already hyper sign into overdrive!
Instead, stick to the white stuff, to remain calm and enjoy a relatively friction-free Easter.
Hands up who else loves white chocolate? Image: Getty

TAURUS: Champagne truffles

With your love of luxury and
 a propensity to overindulge, you should opt for quality this year, not quantity.
However, your typically stubborn manner means you'll probably ignore this advice and scoff way more than you should!

GEMINI: Freddos & Caramellos

Being a playful sign, you'll be the first adult to join in any Easter egg hunt.
Given that you're also quick-witted, fast-moving and mischievous, you'll be the first one to find all the treats – then eat them in front of the kids!
You can never go wrong with a classic Freddo or Caramello. Image: Supplied

CANCER: Homemade brownies

While the rest of us turn to Cadbury, Lindt and Ferrero Rochers, you like making sweet things from scratch – but your sensitive disposition means there'll be big sulks if your handmade goodies aren't appreciated by all and sundry!

LEO: Gold-wrapped goodies

Given you're the most regal
 (read: imperious) sign of the zodiac, you'd much prefer a Faberge egg over a chocolate one.
Still, unless you were born blue of blood, you'll reluctantly settle for anything that's presented in mock-gold foil or faux red velvet.

VIRGO: Lactose-free chocolate

You are too discerning/fussy 
to enjoy sugar-based edibles to the max.
Being the sign most likely to suffer food intolerances means you'll probably analyse the list of ingredients first.
Being budget-conscious might limit your choices too.

LIBRA: A high-end Easter egg

Being presented with a large selection box of chocolates would be your idea of hell.
Your inability to make decisions means you'll opt for plain and simple every time.
However, you're big on looks so any you choose must have visual appeal.
WATCH BELOW: How to make an Easter wreath. Story continues after video.

SCORPIO: Turkish delight

Since you like to think of yourself as both sophisticated and mysterious, dark chocolate – preferably with a hidden centre – should appeal.
Hot desserts (via temperature or spicing) will add much-needed warmth to your super-cool persona.

SAGITTARIUS: Box of Favourites

Why settle on just one type of chocolate, when you can have a whole box full of different types? Image: Supplied
Overindulging on 
anything that's naughty-but-nice is one of your main traits.
Therefore, pigging out over Easter is a no-brainer!
Luckily, you have a naturally athletic build and will, no doubt, burn off those excess calories in a flash.

CAPRICORN: A Heston Masterpiece

You're the zodiac's top-ranking food snob, so anything that touches your lips has to cost a fortune.
If you can turn a choc purchase into an investment buy (by flogging it online, say), then that's even better!

AQUARIUS: Raw cacao beans

It'll be Fairtrade all the way for you right-on waterbearers.
Once you're reassured no animals or workers were exploited in the making of your treat, you'll take care to properly recycle any packaging a erwards.

PISCES: Cadbury Roses

Pisceans are contradictory souls.
On the one hand, you're intensely romantic and sentimental, so chocs in a heart-shaped box will appeal.
But you're also kinky, so edible knickers or body sauce could tickle your fancy too...
A classic box of roses never fails to please. Image: Supplied