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Domino’s is getting rid of Margherita pizza, increasing costs and shrinking pizza sizes

Domino’s new menu proves that sometimes the world is a terrible place.

A leaked version of the new Domino’s menu has revealed the takeaway pizza favourite will be dumping the beloved $5 Margherita, making pizzas smaller and hiking up prices.

The changes are an effort to shake up their “low-price” pizza reputation, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Domino’s, no.

Pizza is the currency of our generation and we have a plethora of high-cost pizza options – this is not why we come to you, Domino’s.

The menu overhaul means the “Chef’s Best” range will be axed in favour of a “Premium Range”. The Premium Range will feature six new pizzas which will retail for an average of $15.90, a jump from the Chef’s Best range which started at $12.95.

However, it will mean “noticeably more toppings than the Chef’s Best range”, so it’s not all bad.

But hang on a second, Domino’s will also be shrinking the size of their pizzas to provide “additional cost relief”, according to a statement from Deutsche Bank analyst Michael Simotas in July.

Why Domino’s? Why?

“The key focus points for this new campaign will drive a quality halo for the whole brand, ensuring that as a brand Domino’s stands for more than just cheap $5 pizzas,” Domino’s explained in an internal document.

No words.

Rest in peace, Margherita.

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