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UberEats launches CouchFood with BP, so now you can literally order servo snacks from your couch

This is actually genius.

By Rebecca Sullivan
A few Sundays ago, while nursing a pinot noir-sized hangover and a desperate craving for carbs, I paid $18 for a nice Uber Eats man to hand deliver me a delicious kebab, straight to my door.
I did this all on my phone without leaving my bed, shuffling just a few steps to my front door to collect my food, then immediately back to bed again. (Yes, I ate the kebab in bed. Don't judge me).
Uber Eats is perfect for the lazy folk among us and now the food delivery app has announced a brand new partnership with service station BP, designed to service people who need a snack or a need a grocery top-up but would prefer not to leave the house, as well as busy new parents, pregnant women, the elderly and carers, for whom trudging to the shops at night can be quite diffcult.
Couchfood is a new service accessible in your Uber Eats app which allows you to order anything you like from your local BP service station.
The service is available at 187 BP stores around the country, except for the Northern Territory.
Simply go into your Uber Eats app and search "Couchfood" to find your closest BP and order away.
Some of the tasty snacks you can order on Couchfood. (Image: Supplied)
Couchfood is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can order chocolate, lollies, ice cream, pies, sausage rolls and chips at any time of the day or night, whenever your cravings hit.
Plus, customers can also pick up grocery items like milk, bread, toothpaste, YouFoodz meals and pre-made sandwiches, so busy parents who can't leave the house can restock essential supplies without having to bundle their kids up for a last-minute trip to the supermarket.
Uber Eats' standard $5 delivery fee will apply to all Couchfood orders.
So for example, if you're ordering a $4.20 two-litre bottle of milk, in total you will pay $9.20 to have the milk delivered to your door.
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"We recognise the changing habits of Australians, with millennials in particular regularly using the Uber Eats app for greater choice and convenience. We've done extensive research into consumer behaviour and found that there is also a considerable link between snacking, and the times, as well as reasons why we snack," said BP's general manager of marketing and retail innovation, Adam Arnold.
"We have partnered with Uber Eats as we know consumers are looking for ease, and enjoying the things that matter to them most, like spending time with family and friends at home, particularly as it gets colder," Arnold adds.