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4 cheese and cracker combos you seriously need to try right now

Yummmm, cheese.

By BTYB Tasmanian Heritage
Some foods go so well together that it's easy to forget they're not actually one and the same: peas and carrots, bangers and mash, schnitzel and chips, cheese and crackers.
The last one is no doubt a Friday night staple. There's nothing better than winding down with a slice of creamy Triple Cream Brie, a crunchy cracker and a cool glass of Sav — except there is if you add some quince paste and strawberries to the mix!
These small additions add a bunch of flavour and elevate your cheese and cracker game in ways you didn't know existed. Kind of like how you loved single Prince Harry, but love Prince Harry and Meghan Markle even more.
Hit play on the video above to discover four delicious cheese and cracker combos to try next time you're entertaining — or having a solo cheese date (the best!).
We've paired our favourite cheeses — Brie , Camembert, Blue and cheddar — with new and surprising ingredients to show you how you can make the most out of cheese and crackers. Enjoy!
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