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Cadbury shrinks family-size chocolate blocks again and consumers are outraged

Consumers are outraged after the country's favourite chocolate brand announced they were reducing the size of their popular family chocolate block - AGAIN!

Aussie consumers are outraged after chocolate brand Cadbury announced it is again reducing the size of its family chocolate block.
It's not the first time they have shrunk the size of their most popular chocolate block - and fans have jumped onto social media to express their anger about it.
The brand announced the changes on Facebook this week.
"Hi Cadbury lovers," the post began. "We're committed to delivering Australia's favourite chocolate to you at the best possible price.
"Unfortunately, over the last few years. we've seen our costs go up.
"Rather than raising the recommended retail price, we've made the call to reduce the size of our Cadbury family blocks, and also bring down the recommended retail price slightly, so that our blocks can continue to be an affordable treat for all Australians."
The brand said it anticipated that consumers would not be happy with the announcement.
"We know some will be disappointed by this change, but we want to keep offering you the best value and best tasting chocolate we can," the post read.
The family block is now going to be smaller and a little bit cheaper. (Image: Cadbury)
In a statement, Cadbury marketing director Paul Chatfield said: "Due to increased costs in the four years since we last made a change, we are making our Cadbury blocks slightly smaller, but we are also slightly reducing the recommended retail price.
"We want to keep our Cadbury blocks affordable, so decided to reduce the block size rather than increase the price.
"We're conscious of cost pressures facing Aussie households."
It's not the first time Cadbury has changed the size of its family block.
In 2009, it cut the family block sizes from 250g to 200g. But following a barrage of consumer complaints, it increased the block sizes back to back to 220g in 2013.
Then in 2015, it cut the family blocks from 220g to 200g.
Cadbury's official announcement on Facebook.
Thousands of chocolate lovers have expressed their frustration on social media.
"Family block will now be the size of a Snack bar! 😡😠 Consumers being ripped off again!!" one person wrote.
"You killed off Cadbury Roses Chocolates and now you are attacking the family blocks. What is wrong with you!" another said.
Others commented, "Do Cadbury really think people are going to be happy about this? How much smaller can you make them?" and "Seriously? How many millions do you make in a year that you need to 'reduce' costs."
In response to some of the comments, Cadbury replied: "It's been four years since we reviewed our block size. We don't make these changes lightly but because of increasing costs it is not sustainable for us to absorb these costs any longer.
"We understand that reducing the block size is disappointing, but we chose to maintain the affordability of our blocks rather than increase the recommended retail price."
But despite the criticism, there were some people who said they'd still by Cadbury no matter what.
"Real Cadbury lovers will purchase regardless of price and size. It's the best chocolate and worth the money!"

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