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11 kitchen fails that will make you feel better about your own kitchen skills

Give your cooking cred a much-needed boost.

By BTYB Fairy
No matter how talented you consider yourself to be in the kitchen, no one is immune to a kitchen fail. Burnt toast, overcooked spaghetti, burnt-outside/raw-inside chicken, lopsided cakes — even the most impressive of at-home chefs get it wrong occasionally.
Whether it's your fault or not (TIP: noisy kids make a great excuse), kitchen disasters can make us late, stressed out and often feeling a like a little bit of a failure.
That's why we've put together a gallery of hilarious kitchen mishaps that will make you feel much better about your skills — or lack thereof.

When the recipe makes it look oh so easy:

Let's hope they taste better than they look...

When you are distracted mid-recipe:

Being a whiz in the kitchen isn't only about the recipe — time management is key too! Here's hoping this person has a stash of Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets. Dissolving faster than hard-pressed tablets, the lemony-scented half liquid/half powder tablets clean baked-on food from the first wash.

When you don't understand what happened:

Despite your unwavering faith to the recipe, some recipes will always prove impossible.

When presentation isn't your strong suit:

Getting others to eat your culinary creations can be tricky (ask any mum), but when you're more about taste than looks, it can take a little convincing.

The surprise fail:

The surprise fail often happens when guests are around of you're running low on time. Sneaky and unassuming, it's often a burnt cake base (grab the Fairy Platinum), raw meat filling or deflated dessert.

When you over-promise the kids:

When the birthday party is months away, it's easy to make party-time promises to kids — just make sure you've fully considered the extent of your kitchen skills before tackling anything this tricky...

When you simply forget:

Time to get a new oven or a new watch? Here's one for those who use their smoke alarm as their timer.

When it's good enough:

Certain social obligations call for whipping up kitchen creations you'd never normally attempt. So when the time comes, and the result isn't half bad, it's time to squint the eyes and call it a day. It's all about effort anyway, right?

The ill-informed chef:

Eek — who knew that plastic melted? For any cooking beginner, may this cheer you up (and also be a lesson).

When it's beyond repair:

Save this image and revisit it at your next cooking catastrophe.

When you're so close:

If only you'd checked the oven racks, or set the timer, or used the right flour! Hindsight can be a wonderful thing — never more so than when cooking.

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