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Australia’s best lamington has been found just in time for Australia day

Light & fluffy, dipped in raspberry or chocolate, and rolled in coconut - give us all of them!

By Holly Royce
Is there a more iconic Australian dessert than the humble lamington?
Next to Vegemite and the Pavlova, it is a true Aussie culinary icon. It's hard to believe this genius invention was an accident, created by a maid of Lord Lamington, the British Governor of Queensland (1896 to 1901).
While many towns claim to have invented this spongy delight, Beechworth, Victoria has been voted as the best in the nation.
But where to find to find the best lammo in town?
The travel experts at Wotif.com have put in the 'hard work' (we'll happily research lamingtons any day) and found that Beechworth has the best lamington in Australia!

Top Lamington Towns in Australia

Beechworth Bakery serves up a classic version (with or without cream) as well as the grand 'Dame Edna' – a pale pink raspberry coated version.
The bakery has something of a cult following, with a drool worthy social media presence well into the the tens of thousands.
The perfect place for a foodie get-away, Beechworth is also home to fabulous food, wine and beer, while it is also one of Australia's finest historic gold-mining towns.
Recover from your chocolatey-coconut food coma by bunking in at Finches of Beechworth or The Graces Beechworth.

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